Whispering Blossoms Wool Blanket

By 8th Generation

$ 225.00

About this Design

The perfect blanket to symbolize new growth and new beginnings, her "Whispering Blossoms" wool blanket tells the story of the early days of Spring in the Acoma Pueblo Valley when the land yearns for moisture so the vibrant blossoms of the wildflowers can rise and bloom. The central motif of the blanket represents the blossoming agv́trṿtsị, and the pattern along the edges represents the moisture blessing the land and water cisterns

Specializing in vibrant hand-painted jewelry, Michelle's inspiration to showcase traditional designs through contemporary mediums began with studying her family's history of illustrious potters. The floral designs featured on this particular blanket are commonly painted on the "Olla" pots used to carry water. Michelle says, "The floral designs are a prayer for beauty and healthy growth. Preparing for motherhood has been motivation to cultivate a good life and environment for my baby. That is my prayer to the individuals embraced in the blanket - that we reconnect to the healthy growth of our Indigenous babies and our Mother Earth. Giving thanks for it all."


  • 2-sided design
  • Covers a Queen Size bed (200 cm x 150 cm)
  • Suede Edge Band
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Designed by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo)
  • Dry Clean

This is the first of many collaborative blankets we will be launching as part of our Inspired Natives Project. 5% of all blanket sales support the Inspired Natives Grant for emerging arts entrepreneurs.

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