Michelle "Milo" Lowden (b.1989) is the proud founder and owner of Milo Creations formerly Milo Productions which specializes in hand-painted Pueblo jewelry. Michelle is the youngest of two, born to Roberta Charlie and Aaron Lowden, both from the Pueblo of Acoma. She currently operates and resides on the Pueblo of Acoma Reservation in New Mexico. Michelle has been creating jewelry for nearly eight years. Her inspiration to reconnect traditional designs through a contemporary medium began with studying her culture's history of illustrious potters.



Previous Work

  • May 2014- Michelle has been an Inspired Natives Collaborator since 2014 and is the first arts entrepreneur to participate in Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives Project. Click link to learn more about the Inspired Natives Project 

  • January 2015- Michelle was one of two artists to be selected for the Rising Artists Fellowship along side artist, Randy Barton. Each artist created a large scale installation inside the hotels room at the Nativo Lodge in ABQ, NM. Click link to learn more about the Nativo Lodge room installation.

  • November 2017- Michelle participated in a 360 degree Pueblo pottery mapping system with New Mexico based company, Ideum. Click link to learn more about the Exploring Pueblo Pottery Project.

Experimental Pottery Project Brings Traditional Designs to Life